Adriano Zanni + Fabio Orsi Photographic box X-Mas deal

from Boring Machines

Adriano Zanni (aka Punck) and Fabio Orsi are two great musicians we released an album but are also great photographers.
We commissioned them a special photographic work for us, which is connected to the music they make. The results are stunning and we collected them in two luxury photographic boxes in thick screenprinted carton. You can get both these gems for a very special price.

In 2008 I released a record for Adriano Zanni, under the alias Punck, titled “Piallassa ( Red Desert chronicles ).
The record was inspired by a coincidence which involved Adriano and Michelangelo Antonioni’s masterpiece “The Red Desert”. The movie was shot in 1964 in the valley of Piallassa, an area north of the city of Ravenna which has a ghostly and suggestive aspect. Adriano Zanni was born in 1964 in Piallassa, and he dedicated to Antonioni’s his more personal and romantic record, built around field recordings of the area he grew up and electronic manipulation.
As well as great experimental musician, Adriano is also one of my favourite photographers, with his somber style, so close to my aesthetic ideas.
Fifty years after the film's release, this collection of photos titled “Red Desert chronicles ( Postcards from Ravenna )” is the natural prosecution to Punck’s work published on record in 2008. Whilst listening to the record evoked images from the place, these images are sounding as those empty and solitary places.

61 single A4 prints, printed on recycled 215gr paper
Housed in a thick carton brown box with screeprinting by Legno
Limited to 200 copies


FABIO ORSI - Открытка из России (Photo box + tape)
Postcards From Russia (Открытка из России) is the second chapter of publications which involves photography and music.
Fabio Orsi has more than 30 records under his belt, distributed amongst the best labels worldwide. His work is internationally renowned as one of its kind by more than a decade. Beside his musical activities, he always favoured his passion for photography, snapping relentlessy stills of everyday life with a particular eye for the moment, instead of the pose.
In recent years he toured Russia four times and he collected a lot of pictures during his long travels between the cities he played.
Postcards from Russia is the result of a painful selection between hundreds of images, which shows intimate moments or everyday life, always with an unmistakable instinct for the right moment to shoot the picture. The prints are accompained by a tape of unreleased music, featuring field recordings and loops prepared for the russian gigs, and a booklet with words from journalist and art critic Diana Gianquitto.

Fabio Orsi - Открытка из России
48 single prints, A4 format on Splendor Gel 270gr paper
1 tape with new music
1 booklet (ITA-ENG-RUS)
Housed in a thick carton red box with screeprinting by Legno
Limited to 150 copies

ships out within 3 days
edition of 20 

  €60 EUR or more 



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